Announcing Our 2018 Scholarship Winners!!

The Philadelphia Section of the STLE is pleased to announce that it has awarded a total of $14,000 to eleven area students studying in tribology-related areas. The awardees include six doctoral students, one of whom has already completed her PhD and accepted a post-doctoral assignment at MIT. Three masters students were awarded scholarships and two undergraduates also received funding. The awardees are listed below. Detailed profiles for each student will be posted shortly.

Doctoral Students

  1. Parth Desai, University Maryland, Mechanical Engineering. Studying biopolymers under S. Das. Joint project with NIH on the structure of DNA.
  2. Nikolay Garabedian, University of Delaware Mechanical Engineering. Developed method to measure tribological properties between nano and macro ranges. D. Burris group. E. Klaus Fellowship award @ 2018 STLE.
  3. Sankalp Kota, Drexel University, Material Science. Evaluating atomically layered materials for dry lubrication. Featured in 11/16 TLT. 3 publications. M. Barsoum group.
  4. Ji Lang, Villanova University, Mechanical Engineering. Tribology of knee joint cartilage. Q. Wu group.
  5. Lisa Mariani, University of Pennsylvania, Mechanical Engineering. Research on the surface science in additive manufacturing. K. Turner group.
  6. Jing Yang, University of Pennsylvania, Physical Chem. Studied the formation of tribopolymers in NEMS/MEMS systems. 10 publications. A. Rappe was thesis advisor with R. Carpick on committee (LOR from Carpick). Defended thesis. Now apost-doc @ MIT.

Masters Students

  1. Lovelsh Kaushik, University of Maryland, Mechanical Engineering. Evaluating lubricants for electrical contact applications. M. Pecht group.
  2. Mark Petrovic, Drexel University, Material Science & Chemistry. Developing biomaterials for bone scaffolding. Pursuing MD/PhD program. M. Marcolongo group.
  3. Valerie Stephens, Drexel University, Engineering Management. Employed at CRC while pursuing masters degree. STLE Philadelphia Section Member and regular attendee. 4.0 GPA.


1. Abhiram Karuppur, Princeton University, Chemical and Bio Engineering. Interned at Akzo Nobel polymer lab synthesizing rheological polymers. Outstanding academics.
2. Maria Noreiga, Drexel University, Mechanical Engineering. Multiple co-ops including nanoparticle scattering in Germany and 3D printing polymers in France. LOR from Yury Golgotsi, leading authority in electrical storage technology.