2018 Scholarship Winner Feature- Valerie Stephens

STLE Section Awards Scholarship to CRC Researcher

The Philadelphia Section of the STLE is pleased to award a scholarship to Valerie Stephens, a Research and Development Chemist at CRC Industries. In addition to her career at CRC, Stephens is pursuing an MS degree in Engineering Management at Drexel University, specializing in System Design.

Stephens’ graduate studies are focused on learning the management skills needed to lead and motivate multi-disciplinary technical teams in collaborative problem solving. Her studies also include developing skills in hiring and personnel management.

At CRC, Stephens’ work is in product development, product optimization and raw material qualification. Joining the company in 2016. She holds BS degrees in Chemistry and Faith Studies from St. Joseph’s University.

Stephens in an STLE member and a regular attendee at Philadelphia Section meeting.