2017 Scholarship Winner Feature- Margot Farnham

L to R: Prof. Christopher Price, Scholarship Winner Margot Farnham, Scholarship Committee member Eric Marasco

STLE Philadelphia Section Award Scholarship to U. Delaware Student

Margot Farnham, a first-year graduate student in Biomedical Engineering was named as one of the winners of the 2017 STLE Philadelphia Section’s Scholarship awards. Farnham is studying under the direction of Professor Christopher Price. Her research is focused on understanding “tribological rehydration”, the fluid mechanics of how cartilage is lubricated and how it effects the biomechanical and biological function in joints.
Farnham’s experimental work involves using a custom tribometer and large osteochondral plugs to investigate the frictional properties of cartilage under different loading and articulation conditions. She is also implementing biphasic material theory finite element analysis to generate a first approximation of the tribological rehydration process. As a result of her work, critical questions can now be asked regarding the mechanisms and limitations of tribological rehydration.
Ultimately, Farnham’s work will provide a basic understanding of cartilage function that can lead to aid in using activity to promote joint health, improve joint rehabilitation and potentially lead to improved materials for joint replacement.