2017 Scholarship Winner Feature- Kathryn Hasz

L to r: Prof. Rob Carpick (Thesis advisor), Kathryn Hasz (Scholarship awardee), Eric Marasco (STLE Section)

University of Pennsylvania Student Awarded Philadelphia STLE Scholarship

Kathryn Hasz, a third-year graduate student in material science and engineering, received a $2,000 Philadelphia STLE scholarship award. Working in Professor Rob Carpick’s lab, Hasz uses atomic force microscopy to study the effect of the environment on the nano scale stick-slip friction of 2D materials. Hasz has investigated the effect of humidity and extended the temperature range studied from -200°C to +500°C. She is collaborating with Professor Ashley Martini’s group at the University of California Merced to correlate her experimental work with theoretical studies done by Martini’s group. This collaboration illuminates the atomistic mechanisms in the observed frictional changes and aids in the development of predictive models of friction on 2D surfaces.
In addition to her laboratory work, Hasz has presented at a number of conferences and poster sessions and took a lead role in writing a successful grant proposal. She has voluntarily taken on undergraduate and graduate teaching assignments to gain experience.
Hasz recognizes the need for leadership and mentoring and has been active providing a role model for young women interested in science since her undergraduate days. At Penn, she serves on the board of the Advancing Women in Engineering program among other activities.
The Philadelphia STLE Section is pleased to award Kathryn Hasz a $2,000 scholarship.