2017 Scholarship Winner Feature- Luke Nowlan

L to R: Tom O’Brien (STLE Section), Luke Nowlan (Scholarship Awardee), Ryan Ritz and Ed Delate (Paratherm)

Philadelphia STLE Recognizes Villanova Student with $1500 Scholarship

The Philadelphia Section of the STLE is pleased to award a $1,500 scholarship to Luke Nowlan, a Chemical Engineering major at Villanova University. Nowlan, who recently completed his sophomore year, has an outstanding academic record, including successfully completing a graduate level advanced organic chemistry class as a sophomore.
In addition to his class work, Nowlan spent the summer following his freshman year as an intern at Paratherm in King of Prussia PA. In that role, he contributed to a number of internal projects including developing a Heat Transfer efficiency tool for comparing competitive products. In addition, he worked with marketing in preparing customer presentations and answering technical requests. Nowlan is returning to Paratherm for a second internship in the summer of 2017.