Fluid Dynamics Modeler

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Compact Membrane Systems (CMS) is on a mission to save the planet. We create technology to capture and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, avert global warming, and transform industry into a long-term sustainable enterprise. One membrane system at a time.

We are expanding our team with ambitious, driven,

creative problem solvers and doers who are excited about tackling a challenge and delivering a new product to market.

We are looking for a creative, collaborative fluid dynamics modeler who can help design the future membranes of industrial gas separation. This person will be an integral member of the development team and will connect theoretical concepts to practical design elements. They will work closely with the experimental R&D team as well as the manufacturing transition team to enable the design of effective, robust and high performing membrane cartridges.


The pay range we are offering is $90k-$110k and will be

based on experience. In addition to the annual salary, you

will receive:

PTO (paid time off)

Paid Holidays

Flexible work schedule

Hybrid Work Option (if applicable to the role)

Comprehensive benefit offering that includes:

v’ Medical

v’ Dental

v’ Vision

v’ 401k

v’ Participation in the CMS Stock Option Plan


  • Develop predictive tools and models to support the membrane separation technology development efforts at CMS. Modeling techniques include computational fluid dynamics (CFD), process models and flowsheets (e.g., Symmetry, ASPEN), statistical techniques, design of experiments (DoE), and first-principles engineering models.
  • Identify opportunities to use engineering knowledge and computational tools to help solve project challenges.
  • Plan and execute experimental studies in collaboration with experimental experts to support/validate modeling efforts.
  • Communicate and present results internally at meetings and at external forums. Present scientific results to a diverse audience through data analysis and visualizations.
  • Work with external partners (e.g., universities, research organizations) to execute and deliver well-defined modeling projects.


  • Experience in computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Proficiency in fundamental chemical engineering concepts such as mass, momentum, and energy transport phenomenon.
  • Ability to set up and solve linear, non-linear, differential and partial differential equations. Strong programming and coding skills and experience with various numerical techniques is required.
  • Proficiency in programming using some standard languages such as C/C++, Python, Matlab, etc.
  • Demonstrated expertise in modeling of gas/gas or gas/liquid flows and separation using membranes
  • Capability and willingness to design and execute hands-on laboratory experiments to support modeling efforts.
  • Experience with various membrane separation unit operations (gas separation, gas/liquid contacting, pervaporation, nanofiltration, etc.) is desired.
  • Ability to balance multiple priorities
  • Comfort with being the go-to person and expert in your areas of expertise
  • History of working in a highly dynamic and collaborative team


CMS is a high-growth, advanced materials company based in Wilmington, Delaware that offers its employees personal growth, autonomy, and the opportunity to work on award-winning disruptive technology that is bringing 21st century innovation to the industrial economy.

We are a small but mighty group of inquisitive self-starters who are passionate about learning and making a positive impact on our team-mates, colleagues, customers, and the world every day. Our individual missions and work are varied, our work culture is collaborative, and our organization is flat. You will become the CMS expert in your role.



CMS is on a mission to save the world, or as close as you can get with membrane science and no capes (Edna Mode said they’re out anyway). We are taking on some of the toughest scientific challenges in industry, delivering innovative technology that changes our world for the better.


At CMS we know that our products and company won’t succeed unless each individual member of our team does. We are committed to individual growth, development, and creative role crafting. Leadership is on the lookout for untapped talent, so that we can utilize and cultivate the skills that make you great. We are a small team and you are getting in on the ground floor with plenty of headroom to grow.


Our small size means that every person has a variety of projects and collaborations across the organization, with visibility to leadership. Our open-door approach reinforces our flat structure: access for problem solving, ideation, or just sharing news.


Game changing innovation happens here, where teams are creative, decision making is nimble, and politics are rare. If you think ‘this is what we have always done’ is the worst answer, you will enjoy CMS.


We are an encouraging home for ambitious, curious, self-directed self-starters who enjoy finding new solutions. We value and reward problems solvers who take ownership and lead with a focus on the right answer for the world, customer, product, team and company.