2019 Scholarship Winner Feature – Tomas Grejtek

Lehigh University Graduate Student Earns Philadelphia STLE Scholarship

L to R: Scholarship Awardee Tomas Grejtak; Committee Member Bill Tuszynski

Tomas Grejtak, a Lehigh graduate student working under the direction of Prof. Brandon Krick, has been named as the recipient of a $1,000 scholarship from the Philadelphia STLE.

Grejtak’s research focuses on predicting material removal, topographical evolution, and topology optimization of composite surfaces. Specifically focusing on multi-material composites subject to sliding wear, surfaces can be optimized to minimize run-in wear as a design component to maximize service life.

Grejtak has extended this work to develop a three-dimensional wear simulation of dental grinding. This model has been used to explore the functionality of grinding and slicing faces in animals as diverse as dinosaurs, wooly mammoths, hyenas and ruminants. Understanding the wear mechanics of dental enamel aids in understanding how natural selection has favored architectural modifications to the enamel fabrics to prevent tooth fracture.

Grejtak’s work has led to eleven conference presentations and five publications in peer-reviewed journals. In addition to his research work, Grejtak also let the set up of an atomic force microscope in the Krick lab and trained himself in its use. He has served as a mentor and trainer to both undergraduates and new graduate students in the lab.