Ultrachem Leads Again

Ultrachem again leads 2017 contributions to the Philadelphia Section Scholarship Fund with a $1,500 pledge to the 2016-17 campaign. Once again they challenge other Section members to meet or exceed their commitment.

This continues Ultrachem’s commitment to the Philadelphia Section’s Scholarship campaign over the past 4 years. Special thanks to Bob Whiting and Ultrachem for their “paying it forward” to unknown but worthy recipients of our Scholarship Program. Thank you Bob and Ultrachem for your confidence in the Philadelphia Section’s ability to rigorously evaluate potential Scholarship recipients for truly deserved triboligical recognition. The website www.philadelphia-STLE.org has clear documentation about the impressive credentials of past recipients.

Again, sincere Thanks to Bob and Ultrachem! Who else can/will step up to make a difference in our Tribology Society, our industry and our future as a well? The future is in our hands; please encourage your company, yourself and others to donate today.

Special thanks to Quaker Chemical Corporation for their continuing commitment to the STEM program and Houghton’s efforts to expand and extent a STEM Program to new recipients. STEM provides for our future replacements, continuing industry development and, for the older folks secure retirement.

This is part of who we are and what we do for you (corporations and individuals) and other members of the STLE. Please join us in our efforts to make a difference in the world in which we live.

John Irwin
Board Member,
Philadelphia Section STLE